Mekarsari Amazing Tourism Park (MATP) is a place where one can find the wealth of Indonesia’s fruit species gathered together in a single location. It is also intended to develop and breeding of superior varieties of fruit. Mekarsari is one of the biggest tropical fruit garden in the world.

The garden is intended to create a model market garden which will nurture germplasm collection representing fruit trees, vegetables, and flowering plants. The aim here is to safeguard the genetic diversity of these plants. The 264 hectare garden is conceived as a tourist attraction who will enjoy the recreational facilities which include Canal Tour, Kid’s Fun Valley, Country Side, Melon Park, Snake fruit Garden, Deer Park, and other facilities.

The Mekarsari Park is divide into six tour zone:
- Family Walk
- Green Land
- Central Park
- Mediterannean
- Festival Point
- Water Attraction

Tour Attraction in Mekarsari Park


Having fun in a tree house will drive us into an adventure at garden fruit, fresh air and nature environment. You can biking in the morning in Mekarsari or enjoy barbeque when you stay at Mekarsari’s tree house.

Facilities :

- Shower Room (no hot water)
- Breakfast for 4 persons (Overnight)
- Souvenir Package
- Queen Size Room (AC + TV Refreshment, no tv cable)


- Planting Prac

- Around Garden Tour
- Barbeque (Overnight)

Weekend / Saturday & Sunday (Overnight): Rp. 715,000
Daily Use / Monday - Friday (Overnight) : Rp. 550,000
Day Use (Office Hour) : Rp. 220,000
*) Price Include :
-Free enter ticket for 4 persons.
-Free parking for 1 car.



Mekarsari’s “Sabut Kelapa Out Bound” provide many varieties of outbound games such as high ropes very ideal for your team building programmes.

It has a unique program because everyone can play by individuals, families or groups. SKO-MATP "Experimental Learning" method is simulation games with a pleasant and comfort atmosphere to create creativity, independence, teamwork, responsibility and leadership.

SKO-MATP Family Gathering Program has a unique Customize Design Program, in order to create an unforgettable moments of gathering for the employees and families and also for refreshing to relieve boringness and daily routine that everyone has to face every day. Moreover, it can also create the atmosphere of togetherness that ties between companies, employees and their families.

SKO-TWM Programmes :
- Retail Programs
- Family Gathering / Employee

- S.M.I.L.E Camp
- Outing Plus
- Amazing Flying Fox


Water World

The facilities in the water world attraction is:

1. Lazy River
2. Wave Pool
3. Kiddy Pool
4. Olympic Pool
5. Slide
6. Magical Fountain (will be operate)

Price to enter the Water World:


Mekarsari Amazing Toursim Park is located at Jalan Raya Cileungsi - Jonggol KM. 3 Cileungsi, Bogor, West Java. Phone: +62-21-8231812.

Marketing of Mekarsari Water World: phone: +62-21-7033 8339 or +62-21-8249 5456, fax: +62-21-8249 5282

Customer Service Officer of Mekarsari Water World: phone: +62-21-7033 8339, or +62-21-8249 5456



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